Node JS & Apache Cordova Mobile Development

Apache Cordova and Node JS runs on all operating systems which enables us to develop once and deploy to Desktop & Mobile devices using responsive layouts. It also supports native device integration and plugins making it ideal for large projects that need to target multiple devices and provide users with the same look and feel across all platforms and operating systems.

Native iOS & Android Development

Building native applications for iOS and Android is recommended for projects that require users to experience the native operating system look and feel and controls or integrating with SDK’s or API’s that are only available from the native IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Swift, Objective-C or Java.

Adobe AIR & Flex Development

Mobile applications can also be developed using Adobe AIR, which also provides cross platform compatibility by compiling the code with a captive runtime for native support. Flex & AIR contains pre-made user controls, web service, database integration and powerful features for rapid application development. Adobe Native Extensions (ANE’s) integrates with native device functions such as In-App Purchases etc.

Mobile Development


Cross Platform - iOS, Android & Windows Mobile

Our mobile development is compatible with Windows Mobile, Android and iOS devices. Publish your application to the Store, making it easy for customers to download and keep up to date with the latest version.

Native Device API & Features

Integrate with various built-in API’s and features such as Push Notifications, GPS Location Services, Camera, Contacts, Photos, Mobile Browser, In-App Purchases, Adverts, Wifi etc. to build the perfect app for your business.

Offline Support

Keep working even when you don’t have connectivity using SQLite databases to store information and sync data via web services when connectivity is restored, offering redundancy and realtime data to customers.

Flexible Design

Design customised layouts for landscape and portrait views on mobile & tablet devices to improve user experience. Use accelerated graphics processing for smooth animation and fast, responsive ui components.