Game Development

What’s more fun than playing games? Building your own!

The process for creating your own game can be very lengthy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We believe that creative ideas are the fundamental keys to building a great product. Choosing the right technology for your idea is very important whether you’re building a 3D game with rendering or a 2D isometric game with pre-rendered assets, while considering other features such as support for game controllers, or touch screen devices, multiplayer networking, Game Center integration, Achievements, In-App purchases etc.

If you are interested in game development or want to learn more about game development, please send us a message on the contact page.



Cross platform game development using HTML 5 is a great tool for deploying games to mobile, desktop & browser environments. Using the powerful features of the Solpeo Engine, we can build games that are lightweight, easily deployed and maintained, while giving players a unique gaming experience from any device.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a very powerful game development engine and can be used to develop literally any type of game for any platform such as console devices (Playstation, XBox, Wii, Nintendo 3DS), mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile), smart tv’s and personal computers. Supports game controllers and API’s for Direct3D, OpenGL etc.

Adobe AIR & LOOM

Many of the popular Facebook games were developed using Adobe Flex. Build a game for desktop & mobile devices with Stage 3D technology, Box2D, PushButton Engine, as3isolib or any of the hundreds of code libraries available for flash. LOOM is a gaming engine developed by The Engine Co, founders of PushButton Engine and provides tons of new features for cross platform development.

Social Media Management

Increase the number of customers you reach with social media platforms

Managing an active social media page for your business can increase the amount of visitors on your website, improve the rankings on search engines and boost the reputation (juice) of your website. Engage with customers on social media platforms to provide information, assistance and promote your business.
SCS Solutions will manage your social media accounts and enhance the organic reach on posts and tweets using hashtags, groups, website links sharing, photos and videos. Extend the reach of posts and tweets by boosting your content with adverts to customers that have not yet liked your page.
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Graphic Design

Make your business stand out with your own unique branding on letterheads, business cards, posters, adverts, logo’s and backgrounds. Our design experts specialises in high resolution, creative & professional vector designs that will give your business the right image and attract customers.