Software Development Process

How does it work?
  • Planning

  • Protytyping

  • Developing

  • Product Launch

Planning is the most important part of the software development process. We start by making list of all the requirements that your application will need to address. It is important to keep future requirements in mind during this process.

Prototyping is a more technical process and involves the creation of the database, user interface design and mockups and the specification of the software architecture, development environment and chosen platform. A timeline is established and sometimes the development will be divided into separate phases.

The development process is the largest part of any software project. Spending more time on the initial development, improves the maintenance of the product for future development requirements such as updates and reduces the amount bugs & issues that will be encountered.

Launching your product is not always as easy as pressing a button. Specialised software needs to be tested and usually requires training of staff. Preparation of data for imports form part of the rollout process. However, when the product is working as expected it all seems worth it!

Rich UI Desktop Applications

User friendly screen designs with powerful features!

Java SE & Swing

We specialise in Java Development to create solutions that are operating system independent. Using the Swing API and user controls we can create a rich interface that is eye catching and user friendly.

Microsoft .NET

As a Microsoft Partner we also provide development for the .NET Framework and Windows Universal Platform. Create powerful data-driven applications with Microsoft SQL Server and PowerBI.

MySQL & InfiniDB

MySQL is a relational database that works seamlessly with Java and allows accurate reporting capabilities. InfiniDB is a super fast, scalable database built for big data analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing and other read-intensive applications.

Building your own software application has a number of advantages including custom features that are designed for your business processes and requirements to give your business an edge over the opposition, branding your application with a look and feel to promote your company image, complete control over future updates and changes for new trends in your industry.

We specialise in software development that is not limited to a single platform or operating system, integrates to hardware peripherals and allows multiple users to access the system from various devices. Our team of experts have developed software applications for different industries with state of the art features, using cutting edge techonologies.

Facial Recognition
Fingerprinting & Biometrics
Time & Attendance
RFID & Cash Handlers
JavaPOS & Backporting
Terminal Emulators
Point of Sale & Clinic
Inventory Management
Accounts Receivable & Payable
Job cards, Quotes, Invoices
Kiosks & Healthcare
Prepaid Airtime, Vouchers & Coupons
Ordering & Delivery