RFID is a fast, accurate and affordable solution for race timing at sport events such as marathons, mountain biking, road cycling, triathlons, open water swimming and trail runs. Our timing solution works with stage races, multiple disciplines, categories and age groups, lap timing and start-finish events. Easily capture new entries or import your participants from OnlineEntry. Results are available in realtime or exported to csv.

Checkpoints, Lap Timing & Stage Races!

OnlineEntry is an event registration website that offers event organisers a quick and easy solution to managing entries for sporting events. Participants only have to register once to gain access to all the events, while event organisers can sell items on the e-commerce store. Export the list of registered participants for your event and import them in the ChipTimer RFID timing solution. No more data capturing for race day preparation! Online Entry imports csv results from ChipTimer to publish them on the website for all participants to check their position, time and ranking across all categories and disciplines.


Action camera integration provides video streaming from an action camera to the timing solution. Supporters can view video footage of the race in realtime from a dedicated display or stream the video feed from their mobile devices if the feed is broadcasted by the race organisers.
Our timing solution also includes a video overlay application that records all the participants as they pass a checkpoint. The overlay includes a date & time stamp, frame number and the participant detail as captured by the RFID antenna. This video feed is used as a backup to record the race as it happens and allows the organisers to review the footage for any discrepancies in the results.
3mountains clocolan
The 3 Mountains Challenge started in 2014 and has grown since then to be one the most enjoyed multi-stage races on the sports calendar. Featuring a mountain biking and trail running race over a 4-day period, this event takes place in the breathtaking area around Clocolan in the Free State province. 3 Mountains is for the entire family, catering for all levels of expertise by providing different routes and distances such as a kiddies race, short distance race for youth and fun riders and a long distance race for more experienced riders and runners.

Mountain Biking & Trail Running – #Feel the Freedom

SCS Solutions is the technology & IT partner for the 3 Mountains Challenge. We provide domain management & website hosting services, social media & marketing, RFID timing solutions and online registrations for the event. For more information about the event, please visit their website at www.3mountains.co.za

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