Wordpress & PHP

Give your business an online presence with WordPress and PHP. Attract new customers and provide them with detailed information about your business and services you offer using multimedia and e-commerce.

Cross Browser HTML 5

Our cross browser HTML 5 web design allows your customers to use their favourite browser, providing them with the latest features of the world wide web such as CSS 3, canvas elements and svg vectors.

Responsive UI

Easily navigate your website from any mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with our responsive user interface that adapts to the screen size to provide an optimal viewing experience.

Enterprise Web Development

Scalable, Reactive, Cloud-Based, Web Services

Reactive Web Development with non-blocking communication

Building a web based enterprise solution offers new benefits to your business.


Node JS is a javascript runtime that is event-driven, runs on any operating system and provides a flexible development platform for light-weight, scalable web applications.

Combining Node JS with Apache Cordova, enables us to create solutions that integrate with native API’s on mobile devices. It also offers offline features from one single code base using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Improved support for reusability.


The Play Framework is a stateless web application framework for Java that implements the reactive manifesto, which provides resilient, scalable, event-driven, responsive and flexible functionality.

Play is also compatible with popular Java API’s such as Persistence, Secure Social, Deadbolt, JAX-WS etc. Power your business with cutting edge features from trusted technologies to give your business the edge it needs.


PHP WordPress Websites

Professional looking websites with intuitive designs for e-commerce, multimedia portfolios, corporate business and more.

Retina Ready

High quality images & pixel perfect designs for retina displays. Automatically displays larger images on high pixel density devices.


Search Engine Optimisation increases website traffic and attracts better customers.

Google Analytics

Get all the demographic information, search queries, average duration etc. from your website visitors.

Easy Hosting

Easily host your website with any major web hosting provider.

R3950Excl TAX

The most basic website package for start-up companies or small businesses.


  • 5 Pages
  • Free Theme
  • Default Widgets
  • Default Plugins
R6500Excl TAX

An advanced website package for individuals or businesses with specialised features.


  • 15 Pages
  • Premium Theme
  • Default Widgets
  • Default Plugins
QuoteFrom R9500

The ultimate website package for corporates and businesses with special requirements.


  • Unlimited Pages
  • Premium Theme
  • Premium Widgets
  • Premium Plugins
R9000Excl TAX

E-commerce packages with payment integration that supports local and international currencies.


  • 20 Pages
  • Premium Theme
  • Premium Widgets
  • Premium Plugins

Examples of Client Websites