Epson EPoS Expo 2013


Epson EPoS Expo 2013

Almost a year later and we are finally starting to see some of the technology showcased at RBTE 2012, in action, in South-Africa. On Wednesday 24 April 2013, Epson showcased their new range of EPoS products and gave visitors the oppertunity to try out the various products from their mobile phones and tablets.

The new EPoS range allows applications to  interact (via an xml based protocol) with the printer and other devices without having a driver installed. This is a significant breakthrough for the mobile market and software providers with cloud based solutions. Another great feature of the new EPoS printers is that it comes pre-loaded with an operating system, database engine and a web server, therefore applications can be deployed locally on the printer and allow terminals to operate in a redundant environment.

Fortunately we have implemented this in our existing solutions based on what we have seen at RBTE 2012 and are keen to see this in action in our local market.

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