Retail Business Technology Expo 2012


Retail Business Technology Expo 2012

Last week, we found a new perspective to retail solutions in Earls Court, London. The Retail Business Technology Expo is truly an exceptional event with a series of presentations and seminars with key industry speakers.

The main focus of the exhibition was omnichannel retailing, which is similar to cross-channel and multichannel (mobile and web), but focuses more on social networks, kiosks, in-store displays, interactive televisions and how it improves your customer-experience. Let’s face it. The days of spam e-mails with flashy adverts are gone. “SoLoMo” (Social – Local – Mobile) was the buzzword that got everyone thinking about how social networks and mobile devices can improve your customer experience.

One of the best seminars was held in the Cards & Payments Solutions area which is a dedicated exhibition and conference, focused exclusively on cards and payments solutions in retail. The topic was “Mobile E-commerce” and started with a brief explanation of how free, in-store wireless internet can boost your online sales.

We also managed to get our hands on a mobile barcode scanner and swipe card reader for the iPhone 4. It allows employees to walk with the customer through the store and scan items that is put into their basket. Ideal for helping someone that is waiting in a queue.

Although we have found some new ideas that could make our lives easier in-store, the South-African market is different. Connectivity is still a huge issue, not to mention the customers that have never used technology at all.

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